We love helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams.  Whether you are considering starting a business or are the current owner of a business, we want to help you meet your potential.  

We have extensive experience working with business owners. From the conception of your idea, we will walk you through choosing the correct business entity such as a limited liability corporation or a simple corporation, as well as drafting your operating agreements or corporate bylaws. It is critical that you fully understand how these entities protect you and your family as well as how they must be operated to maintain the protections and advantages for which they were designed.

For more advanced businesses we can assist you with your asset purchase agreements, shareholder buyouts, buy-sell agreements, contracts, leases and employment agreements. Almost every decision our entrepreneur clients make entails some legal decision for which we are always there to provide counsel for.

You can also rely on our ability to represent your business in the event it becomes involved in litigation. We have successfully represented clients in a wide range of commercial litigation matters related to various facets of their business.  In those instances when your customers or clients refuse to pay your bill, we can help you enforce your legal rights.  

We provide advice, counseling, and preventative strategies to businesses of all types and sizes.  We represent corporations, as well as individual business professionals in administrative proceedings and litigation involving a vast array of employment law issues including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes and employment contract claims.  We prepare and critique employment contracts, employee handbooks, and other employment related documents.  In the event of administrative proceedings or litigation, we stand ready to represent you zealously.

A significant and overlapping portion of our entrepreneur services is estate planning.  Planned business succession upon the death of a key stakeholder is vital to the business as well as the family of the entrepreneur. We take great pride in the fact that there are many clients with mature businesses with whom we have worked with for decades as well as a constant stream of new entrepreneurs for whom business representation is provided as they grow.  Let us help you build your dream.

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