Landlord & Tenant

At Scannell & Associates, our attorneys are very experienced in representing both landlords and tenants.  Whether you own a multi-unit building, a two-flat, or a commercial property, we can help you.  We also represent multiple homeowner and condo associations.  Scannell & Associates also represents many tenants, so we know both sides of the eviction equation. 

Complying with the many laws regarding the eviction process in Illinois and particularly in Chicago can be daunting, for both landlords and tenants.  The rules regarding the proper types of notices to be provided to tenants, and the timing, are very important, and just one small slip-up can force you as a landlord to start the process all over again, which can be very frustrating.  Landlords are also precluded from using “self-help” measures to regain possession of their property.  The Illinois Eviction Act provides the exclusive means to attempt to regain possession of your property.  You will need an experienced attorney to navigate through the potential minefields that may await you in a landlord-tenant situation.  Call our attorneys now for a free consultation.


Scannell & Associates represents many landlords, both commercial and residential, as well as commercial and residential tenants.  A well drafted lease can provide landlords with the protection that they need.  We can also help protect tenants and ensure that they are not stuck with a lease that they don’t want.  Either way, call the attorneys at Scannell & Associates to ensure that you are getting what you bargained for in your lease negotiations.

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